this is why i always smile and happy, because my Lord always remind me how to thankful in all things :) thanks God, it will better next time :*

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GOD always has something for you, a key for every problem, a light for every shadow, a relief for every tear and a plan for every tomorrow :)

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"you'll never be brave if you don't get hurt, you'll never learn if you don't make mistakes, you'll never be successful if you don't encounter failure."

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Mazmur 37:5

"Serahkanlah hidupmu kepada TUHAN dan percayalah kepada-Nya, dan Ia akan bertindak"

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my prayer :')

Thank you for all that YOU gave to me until now.
Thank you because YOU want to be my bestfriend who always listened my sadness, happiness or disappointment story that i experienced.
Thank you for standing beside me because without you i'm nothing

God, please make me a strong person to undergo anything.
God, please remind me to keep smile when my day isn't as beautiful as usual.
God, please remind me to keep laughing when i was disappointed.
God, teach me to forgive even if the heart is still hurting.
God, teach me to keep patient to undergo anything.

God, bless my parents because i love them
God, bless my brothers and my sisters because i love them
God, bless the family and friends because they are part of my life

but most importantly God, please scolds me when i forget to THANKFUL for what you have given in my life :')

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